D&P GHA Today

Today the band is made up of an experienced mix of ex-regimental servicemen, professionals, retired professionals and pipers and drummers from all walks of life. Most of our members come from around the Aberdeen area. We also have a small dedicated number that attend from further afield.

As a non-competing band we focus on taking the regimental traditions and legacy forward into the 21st century. The band still has many regimental tunes in its repertoire as well as more contemporary pieces. Over the winter months we work on updating our tune list for the coming season as well as improvement work on technique and sound.

Performances range from regimental connected engagements, civic events, Military Tattoos, shows and a host of parades at regional castles, parks and rallies etc. The band has been abroad on a few occasions as well performing in London and many times around the North East of Scotland. Our outdoor season is concentrated on the summer months. We do however have events at other times of the year.

The band has gained an excellent reputation, wherever it has appeared, for its marching, discipline and music. We are also proud to have some notable members in the ranks including many Pipe Majors, Adjudicators, Instructors, Director of Music and prize winning Pipers & Drum Major.

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Pipe Major: Robert Aitken

Pipe President/Manager: Bill Blacklaw

Tel: 01224 318692 - email: bill-blacklaw@talktalk.net